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Nakamichi 700-II - $300.00
Someone wanted to buy this and my computer decided to self destruct and I don't have past emails anymore. If you are that person, it is still available, just let me know. It is still in excellent working condition ready for a new home. I'm selling t...

Naim Flatcap 2 - $275.00
Naim Flatcap 2 power supply in very good functional, and cosmetic condition. Price is firm, buyer pays a flat $30.00 shipping. Shipping is to the contiguous U.S. only. No charge for PayPal. Please review my excellent feedback....

Pangea AC-9 - $500.00
Up for sale is a set of 5 Pangea AC-9 power cords. These are the original model that put a firehose to shame! The cord that broke Pangea onto the map as an audiophile power cord company! Original boxes included. These are to be sold as a set.Paypal user...

Cavalli Liquid Carbon X - $250.00
Massdrop Cavalli Liquid Carbon X balanced and single ended headphone amplifier. Like new condition. Original owner, no pets,no smoking, no kids. Versatile and outstanding performance. Will include custom power cord made for linear power supply. Cutting back on...

Oyaide C-279 - $55.00
New Oyaide 20 AMP IEC. Only 4 left at this price. Buyer pays shipping and 3.25% PayPal fee. Reasonable offers considered. low ball offers will be ignored...

Headroom Max - $435.00
Info from the web: "At one time this was Headroom’s top of the line and retailed for $1800. Headroom was and still is instrumental in the headphone audio market being what it is today.This amplifier has dual inputs, an impedance switch and a cross feed...

Oracle The Calibrator - $30.00
This is a universal arm/cartridge precision protractor and a full size protractor. Like new, no PayPal charge and FREE USPS shipping to USA address only....

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