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The Angela Instruments Rare 1994 Catalogue, 254 Pages - $30.00
This rare 23 year old catalog is a hoot, printed on newspaper stock, 11 3/4" x 8", 254 pages (first & last page is missing) of tubes, sockets, tubes testers, kits, parts, transformers, Fender parts, microphones, vintage audio components, books, s...

Wilson Benesch Curve - $3,888.00
Black “cheeks” over black carbon fiber cabinet.S/N’s: M23BK10-A, -BType: 2.5-way, true linear phase, free space, ported enclosure, floorstanding monitor Drive Units: 1-inch Wilson Benesch soft dome ultra linear tweeter, hand painted silk 7-inch Wilson Be...

Matsushita 5AR4 - $50.00
I used this NOS tube as an upgrade to the stock Ruby tube in my Cary phono preamp which was subsequently sold. Matsushita acquired Mullard tooling and the tube is highly regarded. See many favorable comments in Audio Asylum.I don't have a tube tester bu...

Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature - $895.00
Our Signature Series Cottonmouth speaker cables are hand-crafted one pair at a time with meticulous attention to detail. Just like our other speaker and power cables, our Signature Series Cottonmouth speaker cables are truly a work of passion. We take our (.99...

Genelex KT-88 - $900.00
NOS matched pair of Genelex (Marked Mullard IEC) KT-88 power tubes. The orig boxes were not available when I received them, but the tubes have not been used other than on testers. Flashing is perfect with 3 total getters. Black plates with support rods. Tested...

Joule-Electra LA-100 MKIII - $1,725.00
This is a stunner! J-E made a customized, apparently one-off version of the LA-100 mkIII, mounting all the tubes atop the chassis, for Déjà vu Audio (S/N #121). 4 unbalanced inputs including tape. Rated 8 for age of unit.The preamp was brought up to spec by...

JBL E-140 - $135.00
I have several JBL E-140 15" drivers for sale.They are highly efficient, and suitable for bass reflex enclosures, mid-bass horns, and subs. They are rated at 400W.These were removed from concert sound enclosures. Some still have original cones, othe...

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