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Sovtek 300b matched pair w/ ceramic sockets - $150.00
Never used, perfect condition ordered from Mike Mathews at New Sensor. They were to be in a project that never happened.The matching #'s printed on the boxes are "50ma/4.8ma/v". Included is a paper with the detailed specifications, it is very ...

VH Audio Pulsar Ag - $99.99
VH Audio is very pleased to announce the Pulsar Ag. The Pulsar Ag is the culmination of nearly 6 years worth of R&D effort to make a 75 ohm SPDIF digital cable that would set a new bar for digital performance. As a result, the Pulsar Ag is VH Audio's S...

Vitus Audio RI-100 Integrated Amplifier - $6,990.00
Vitus Audio RI-100 Integrated Amplifier. Unit in 230V.Include remote,manual and original factory boxes.Contact for shipping quotes.Please check my Audiogon feedbacks under "ckaudio"CK Audio (My Company) established in 1993 and has 25 year...

Gold Lion matched quad new KT77 - $150.00
Brand new older Matched Quad from Mike Mathew's New Sensor lab with numbers - never used, and in perfect 10 condition. As pictured, and waiting for a new home. I've used these KT77's before in a number of Audio and Guitar amps and they sound really...

Bottlehead Straight 8s - $925.00
Black laquer on birch finish. Includes Doc's modified crossover with Auricaps. Nice condition except for one speaker that got knocked over into a glass coffee table. Cabinets were built with solid wood rounded edges and tops with veneered sides Local Sa...

Pass Labs XA200.5 - $16,000.00
Pass Labs XA200.5 for Sale! 230V Unit.200 Watts Class A Monoblocks.With Power Cables,Manual and original factory boxes.Will pack it professionally and ship worldwide.Email for low cost shipping quote.Please check my Audiogon feedbacks under &quo...

V-Cap CuTF - $57.59
Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer Film Audio Capacitors...

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