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Channel Islands Audio D 200 - $900.00
Selling my pair of CIA D 200 power amplifiers. They are Class D amps based on the Hypex modules that are then modified by Dusty. Excellent and powerful sounding amps....

JPS Labs Superconductor FX - $175.00
These JPS Labs Superconductor FX 1.0m RCA interconnects where just traded in by their original owner (we also originally sold these to their owner - we are a authorized JPS Labs Retailer). Seven years old and in excellent condition these sold for $350 per pair...

GE 8417 - $120.00
NOS/NIB pair of GE 8417 power tubes. Fully tested on cal'd/rebuilt Hickok 539C. Tube 1: 20500/8200 umhos 123ma Tube 2: 21000/8200 umhos 127maDual side getters, perfect flashing.$120.00 Shipped and Insured by Priority Mail in Lower 48....

EconoTweaks AS-1 - $129.00
EconoTweaks AS-1 Parallel AC Filter SAVE 40.00 while current stock lasts! The AC Cleaner uses four cascading values of R/C/R filters in parallel. We use X rated safety caps by Wima with PRP resistors and a resitor/inductor string to ground. There are four c...

Audioquest Colorado RCA - $350.00
Excellent condition, Pair of .5 meter Colorado RCA cables w/ battery packs. Battery test good. These are too short for my current setup. I can't find the original boxes but they were purchased online at Elusive Disc on 7/3/13 part # AQ-ICOR05R. So not coun...

High Fidelity CT-1 U Speaker cable - $5,900.00
Up for sale is an EX-DEMO 3 meters High Fidelity CT-1 U (Ultimate) speaker cables in great condition. The cables have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple of days and you will be in audio nir...

DH Labs SilverSonic Q-10 Signature 6ft. Pair - $150.00
A recent speaker change has made this pair available. Right after the Signature version was released a few years back, I bought some bulk cable and made these. The amp end has Esoteric spade lugs and the speaker end has Burndy spades. All were crimped with a r...

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