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Aural Thrills RCA interconnect - $29.00
In excellent condition....

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio Counterweight for the Common Man - $90.00
COUNTERWEIGHT FOR THE COMMON MAN (tm) Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio is now offering the CCM (Counterweight for the Common Man), a structural upgrade for Rega tone arms. We ship worldwide. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Contact us by email at peteriggle@...

Ray Samuels Audio Emmiline P-51 Mustang - $195.00
RAY SAMUELS AUDIO EMMILINE "P-51 MUSTANG" PORTABLE HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER WITH RAY SANUELS AUDIO LOD CABLE - USED - $195 PLUS SHIPThis is a terrific little portable headphone amp - I should know because this is my own personal unit which I have used ...

JPS Labs Superconductor FX - $175.00
These JPS Labs Superconductor FX 1.0m RCA interconnects where just traded in by their original owner (we also originally sold these to their owner - we are a authorized JPS Labs Retailer). Seven years old and in excellent condition these sold for $350 per pair...

Pairs/Quads - General Electric JAN 6550A - $275.00
Pairs and Quads of NOS/NIB JAN GE 6550A. Mid-1980's military production. Matched up by current draw on blueprinted burn-in rack at 477 vdc on the plates and a G1 of -50 volts. Pairs are $275. Quads are $550. Readings: 5% or less current draw of each oth...

Rega Research DAC - $675.00
With the new Rega Research DAC-R due to arrive here in the states next month, that leaves us with this one (1) BRAND NEW Rega DAC that needs to move along to make room before the DAC-Rs arrive. While lacking the souped up USB I/F of the new DAC-R (The Rega DAC...

EconoTweaks D.I.Y. - $65.00
Here is the board only from the AS-1 filter. (Named the AS-1 for its designer Al Sekela) It is a passive parallel filter with four R-C-R circuits and a resistor/inductor string of four resistors and four inductors to ground. It uses WIMA MP-3 metalized paper s...

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