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GE General Electric H-28 stereo or four channel quad - $39.00
for sale: vintage General Electric H-28 Four-Channel headphones. These were made in Japan for GE. Each side has 2 drivers, one for the front channels and one for the back channels. These phones can be used for quad or stereo.For use in stereo, use one of t...

Aluminum Isolation Cones Lot of 6 Cones with 6 Discs - $30.00
I don't know the brand name or the size of the threads. Large cone: 7/8" tall - 1 1/8" diameter. Small cone: 9/16" tall - 3/4" diameter. Large protector disc: 5/16" tall - 1 1/4" diameter. Small disc protector 3/16" tall ...

iFi Audio iDSD Nano - $189.00
SIGNATURE SOUND is now a authorized iFi Audio dealer. The iDSD Nano is just one of the terrific affordable products in the iFi Audio line-up. It makes for a great USB DAC/Headphone amp for portable use or a great affordable dac via its (analogue volume control...

Cambridge Audio 640P - $135.00
Cambridge Audio 640P phono stage in excellent functional condition, and very good cosmetic condition. This phono has gain for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. There is lots of info on the net; a moderately priced favorite.Included is the phono...

Ortofon Quasar - $180.00
Selling an Ortofon Quasar, predecessor to the MC 30 Supreme. Approximately 200 hours, nice neutral Ortofon detailed sound. Aluminum body, stylus guard and box included. nude FG80 5/80um stylus, 0.5mv output.Paypal only, no fees. Free parcel shipping in the ...

Philips ECG 6550 NIB Quad - $480.00
Here is one matched quad made in the USA by Philips Holland after it acquired Sylvania. This is the wonderful Sylvania "welded-plate" said to be one of the best sounding 6550 tubes ever made, perhaps only second to the Tung Sol Blackplate 6550. These...

Price Reduced! Rogue Audio Stealth Magnum - $600.00
Price Reduced!I am the second owner of this very nice phono stage preamp. The Stealth has had the Magnum upgrades and also sports the AD797 op-amps. The Stealth is in very good cosmetic condition with a small mark on the top edge of the faceplate, very hard...

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