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Philips ECG 6550 NIB Quad - $480.00
Here is one matched quad made in the USA by Philips Holland after it acquired Sylvania. This is the wonderful Sylvania "welded-plate" said to be one of the best sounding 6550 tubes ever made, perhaps only second to the Tung Sol Blackplate 6550. These...

P-Mount Cartridges Ortofon, Grado, Audio Technica - $60.00
P-MOUNT Cartridges:Audio Technica DR750, new in shopworn box $60Audio Technica DR350 low hours, no box $30Ortofon X-1 MCP new in the box $150Grado MPS-1 Ellyptical new in box $75 I prefer Paypal and I don't charge fees. Free priority mail...

B&W PCS-8 - $225.00
B&W made these subwoofers for their THX system (they paired them with the FCM8 monitors attached to the screw holes on the tops). This pair of passive subs were state of the art with the 12" cobex driver and matrix cabinets like the famed 801 series. ...

Cardas Audio Microtwin 1.0m XLR - $85.00
Great affordable cables from Cardas Audio. We have a used pair of 1.0m XLR Cardas Microtwin (AKA "300B Microtwin") RCA interconnects for sale. In great condition for their age. These are more than several years old (same as current Microtwin cable ex...

Silverline Audio Prelude - $600.00
These are great speakers. I bought these from the original owner about 5 years ago. I have downsized and had to reduce the size of the sound room. Excellent condition and they sound great! This is the later, single rear port design. Includes: (2) speakers - (8...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF in Lacquered Brass Finish - $180.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR MANY TONEARM MODELS: Pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Patented. Check out the VTAF web site: VTAF(tm) TONE ARMS TO WHICH THE VTAF HAS BEEN ADAPTED:The VTAF can be adapted to most t...

High Fidelity CT-1 - $800.00
This cable was taken in as a trade from a customer. It is in great condition 9/10. Client just upgraded to the CT-1U Interconnects. The cable have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple of days...

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