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ACI Sapphire II and Sub I - $500.00
ACI Sapphire II and Sub I system. Sapphires come with sand-filled stands. Oak finish in excellent condition, no scratches or dents.These are a mid-90's design from Mike Dzurko at Audio Concepts, Inc. Speakers are two-ways with a Focal tweeter and woofer...

Kenwood KD-500 - $600.00
For sale is a Vintage Kenwood KD-500 direct drive turntable, with many upgrades. Known as The Rock back when it was in production, it was considered then, as it is now, a wonderfully sounding, strong turntable. The "stone" base is actually a very ...

VPI HW-19 - $125.00
Very good condition. Paypal and shipping included in asking price....

Simaudio I-3SE - $1,350.00
This is a used one owner Simaudio I-3SE Integrated amp with Silver faceplate. Approximately 8 years old and in excellent condition for its age (see pics). This I-3 saw only light use (never worked hard) in a customers 2nd/office system and all functions work p...

Audio Engine Model 5 - $250.00
Perfect condition cosmetically and operationally. Shipping and PayPal included in asking price....

VAC Sigma 160i - $5,991.00
Hello! I have a wonderful VAC Sigma 160i integrated amp for sale. This amp is incredible, and blew away my $20K+ of separates. Why spend more money? This one box solution will even help you save money on power cords and interconnects. Sweet sounding MM phono s...

MIT SL-Matrix 90 - $3,385.00
As I continue to "right-size" my system, I now have a pair of these fabulous MIT SL-Matrix 90 speaker cables for sale. 10 foot pair, spades all around, single wire, not bi-wire. These cables are the latest from MIT that have combined the famous MIT m...

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