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High Fidelity CT-1E - $3,400.00
Up for sale is a pair of 2.5 meter High Fidelity CT-1 E (ENHANCED) Speaker cables in great condition. Spades and banana configuration.The cables have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple o...

New product: EconoTweaks "ECONOCRYSTALS" - $29.95
The EconoTweaks good size package of "ECONOCRYSTALS". A combination of RFI/EMI absorbing piezoelectric crystals. These crystals have been heat treated with a 24 hour mineral oil bath then baked for six hours. The crystals are made up of amethyst,tour...

High Fidelity CT-1 U Speaker cable - $7,890.00
Up for sale is an EX-DEMO 2.5 meters High Fidelity CT-1 U (Ultimate) speaker cables in great condition. The cables have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple of days and you will be in audio n...

HiDiamond XLR Diamond 3 -  1,200.00
Up for sale is a 9/10 condition HiDiamond Diamond 3 XLR of 1,5 Meter taken in as a trade. This is the top of the XLR line of HiDiamond. We have tested it and found to be superb! We are official dealers so please buy with confidence. If paid with PayPal please ...

KCS Custom Fostex F200A Speakers - PRICE REDUCED !!! - $1,250.00
PRICE REDUCED!!! - the current price is way lower than the cost of the drivers!!! I am selling a pair of KCS custom big bass reflex speakers with the Fostex F200A drivers and Hi-Vi RT2 ribbon tweeters. The rear ported cabinets were designed and built by J...

Technics SP-25 table Fidelity Research FR-54 arm - $805.00
The rare but sought after Technics SP-25 Quartz Lock, Direct Drive turntable that has been cleaned and lubed, the bottom of the deck has been damped. It is mounted to a birch plywood/ MDF plinth with tiger striped 1/4 sawn oak wood veneer. The plinth has anti-...

Stromberg Carlson 5963 tubes matched pair - $39.00
for sale: pair of vintage Stromberg Carlson labelled 5963 tubes. Equivalent to ECC82. Double mica, grey plate. See info at link. Tested via emissions at 92/92 and 93/93, and via GM at 110/110 and 110/110 (where the minimum good is 70). Vintage tubes (mu...

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