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Pair of Globe 6SN7’s - $125.00
This is a very unique pair of Chinese 6SN7 globes. I got these from JAC Music a while back. They tested better than new at 3500/3400 and 3550/3450, where 2523 is new/nominal on my Hickok 539A tester. They have a nice open sound and visually they are totally...

Audio Aero Capitole Classic SE - $2,350.00
AUDIO AERO CAPITOLE CLASSIC SE CD PLAYER - USED - $2,350This used Audio Aero Capitole Classic SE CD player uses the same STARS 24/192 up-sampling tech and tube buffered output DAC found in the more expensive Capitole Reference SE CD player of this era, but ...

Altec Lansing 511B - $100.00
I have two Altec Lansing 511B horns for sale.These are cast Aluminum 500Hz horns with a 1" throat and 2-bolt driver mounting. It is possible to drill these for a three-bolt JBL driver.These have been used with a mobile sound system, and have various...

iFi Audio iDSD MICRO - $499.00
SIGNATURE SOUND is now a authorized iFi Audio dealer. The iDSD Micro is a terrific new product in the iFi Audio line-up. It makes for a great USB DAC/Headphone amp for portable and home use or a great affordable dac via its (analogue volume control adjusted) l...

iFi Audio NEW iDAC2 - $349.00
iFi Audio iDAC2 compact/desktop PCM/DSD/DXD USB Dac - NEW - $349!This is the latest little USB Dac from iFi Audio. Basically take the very highly praised iDSD Micro, take away some features (simpler headphone amp, and battery power) but include the ability ...

Power Modules Belles 22A - $1,595.00
POWER MODULES BELLES 22A HYBRID TUBE/SS LINE STAGE PREAMP W/REMOTE - DEMO - $1,595This 22A demo in Silver in in mint condition. This is a very nice hybrid tube/solid state line stage preamp. It uses a pair of 12AU7 tubes (we have a very nice NOS 5814A in it...

Sams Tube Substitution Handbook, 18th Edition, 1974 - $7.00
96 pages, none missing, good to very good condition. USA only, FREE Media Mail shipping and no PayPal fee....

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