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HiDiamond Diamond 8 Speaker Cable -  1,200.00
Up for sale is a used 9/10 Mint condition speaker cable from HiDiamond. Cable is 3 meters long and received as a trade in for another cable. We have tested it, it is working perfectly, it has zero scratches, previous owner took great care of it.We accept P...

Monster Cable M1000i - $95.00
--PRICE DROP--I am listing my spare 2 meter pair of Monster M1000i interconnects with RCA terminations. These are only a few months old and I am the original owner. These are very full and ri...

EconoTweaks D.I.Y. - $65.00
Here is the board only from the AS-1 filter. (Named the AS-1 for its designer Al Sekela) It is a passive parallel filter with four R-C-R circuits and a resistor/inductor string of four resistors and four inductors to ground. It uses WIMA MP-3 metalized paper s...

JJ Electronics plus Gold Lion Vacuum Tubes - $60.00
I have 2X JJ ECC99/12BH7 Gold Pin Double Triode Preamp Vacuum Tubes new in box matched pairPlus 1X ECC82/12AU7 Gold Pinall three Cryoed by CryosetNew sealed unused-will post WW included for asking priceThank youDesW...

Eficion F300M WITH PEDESTALS - $6,000.00
The Eficion F300M speakers are a 3-way satellite and pedestal speaker that I have used for the better part of 3 years as my reference. These 3-way speakers are designed where most of the work is done by a large air motion transformer driver from 1300HZ on...

Godar FM1A - $45.00
A great indoor antenna, in like-new condition. I am including a 6-foot length of coax cable, so you can start using and enjoying your new antenna immediately.From the Godar website:FM1a is a 14 spread element log periodic antenna. This quality built di...

Audio Physic Step - $600.00
Superlative monitor. Set up correctly they truly disappear. Imaginig champs. Throws wide stage outside of speakers. Very good depth. Authoritative bass. Nicely detailed. I just don't have the room to set them up correctly and leave them in place. Cosmet...

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