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Genelex KT-88 - $600.00
NOS matched pair of Genelex (Marked Mullard IEC) KT-88 power tubes. The orig boxes were not available when I received them, but the tubes have not been used other than on testers. Flashing is perfect with 3 total getters. Black plates with support rods. Tested...

Amperex 7316 - $75.00
An Amperex PQ Holland manu 7316 tube. NOS/NIB, tested on a rebuilt/cal'd Hickok 539C and tested for noise in my stereo amp. Min transconductance value is 1950 for this tester. Description/results: TUBE 1: 7316 premium Quality 2-stars. White print. Code: Ct...

PS Audio Sprout - $400.00
Flawless cosmetic and operating condition. Box and manual. Shipping and PayPal included....

Raal 70-20XR - $500.00
Three years old, barely used and in perfect shape. I had selected these as the top end of a DIY project that I abandoned as too damn much work. Not the fault of these tweeters: they sound fantastic and are very easy to work with....

Pairs/Quads - General Electric JAN 6550A - $275.00
Pairs and Quads of NOS/NIB JAN GE 6550A. Mid-1980's military production. Matched up by current draw on blueprinted burn-in rack. If you know your amps plate voltage (or reasonably close) I can simulate that and match up tubes accordingly. Pairs are $275. Q...

Amphenol Loctal - $32.00
A set of 8 Loctal sockets by legendary company Amphenol. These are the perfect type for your next amp project. Don't waste your precious time with the Chinese or Russian types. These have phosphor bronze contacts that are tin plated. Very high quality. You...

Silent Source The Music Reference - $3,597.00
I have a 2.5 meter pair of the fabulous Silent Source The Music Reference speaker cables for sale, with matching TMR jumpers. These are among the best cables available at any price.These are very special. Nothing we've heard comes close to these at any ...

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