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Merlin Music Systems TSM Black Magic - $1,950.00
SPECIAL OFFER: With purchase of these speakers at our asking price, get (if you want) any NEW one pair of speaker cables that we sell from Cardas Audio, DH Labs, Audience, or JPS Labs at 40% OFF MSRP (the cable's MSRP MUST be LESS THAN the purchase price o...

Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA Tonearm - $1,950.00
I am offering here a Brand new in Box Kuzma Stogi S 12VTA Tonearm. I've upgraded to the 4 Point version and now here is the S12 VTA totally unused--the box opened for Pictures only. As an extra item I have included in the asking price is the Kuzma To...

General Radio GenRad 1311-A - $85.00
General Radio (GenRad) 1311-A low distortion audio oscillator. This is a high quality piece of test equipment. It is not sweepable, but has 11 fixed frequencies switchable from 50Hz to 10kHz, and also a delta adjustment to vary the frequencies +/- 2%. Output a...

Pete Riggle Engineering & Audio Woody(tm) - $1,900.00
"How do you get a $16500 tonearm for $1900? Let me suggest that you compare the Pete Riggle Woody(tm) with the Durand Telos. " -Pete Riggle"I could never afford to purchase a Schroeder, and The Woody is every bit as good. Every parameter you...

New product: EconoTweaks "ECONOCRYSTALS" - $29.95
The EconoTweaks good size package of "ECONOCRYSTALS". A combination of RFI/EMI absorbing piezoelectric crystals. These crystals have been heat treated with a 24 hour mineral oil bath then baked for six hours. The crystals are made up of amethyst,tour...

Pete Riggle Audio VTAF for Rega Post Mount - $180.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR MANY TONEARM MODELS: Pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Patented. Check out the VTAF web site: VTAF(tm) TONE ARMS TO WHICH THE VTAF HAS BEEN ADAPTED:The VTAF can be adapted to m...

iFi Audio iDSD MICRO - $499.00
SIGNATURE SOUND is now a authorized iFi Audio dealer. The iDSD Micro is a terrific new product in the iFi Audio line-up. It makes for a great USB DAC/Headphone amp for portable and home use or a great affordable dac via its (analogue volume control adjusted) l...

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