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Amperex 7316 - $75.00
An Amperex PQ Holland manu 7316 tube. NOS/NIB, tested on a rebuilt/cal'd Hickok 539C and tested for noise in my stereo amp. Min transconductance value is 1950 for this tester. Description/results: TUBE 1: 7316 premium Quality 2-stars. White print. Code: Ct...

Fostex FE108ez Sigma Series Double Back Horn Loaded - $650.00
Cabinet Design: Les Hudson Speaker: Fostex FE108EZ 4" Full Range Sigma Series Spikes: Soundocity Outriggers w/Brass cones Hook-up wire: Duelund DCA-16Awg Solder Mundorf SupremeThe speakers are a custom build. All the best parts went into constructing t...

PS Audio Statement Series Power Cords - $1,200.00
Up for sale is a set of 6 statement series power cords from PS Audio. These are great cords, but please know that they are not flexible due to their diameter and design. These are not the cords you want to try and wrap around a rack or fold in an awkward ang...

Maze Audio Reference Series XLR - $49.98
For sale is an unused pair of Maze Audio Reference Series XLR interconnects, 1M in length. I bought them new and never used them due to a never having the right component at the right time!I've not heard them, but I do use Maze Audio for a lot of my cab...

Airline type RH7591SE - $550.00
This is my latest single ended amp build, and an outstanding performer, TYPE RH7591SE (Special Edition, because it has 3 chokes in the power supply) this and other unique features which are unavailable on any commercial type SE amps and certainly other amps at...

Sony CDP CX90ES - $100.00
Sony CDP-CX90ES 200 CD JukeboxTop of line CD changer, originally sold for $1,100.Internal storage for 200 discs 400 CD master control with a second 200 CD changer One button Hit List to play your Top 50 tracks Shuffle p...

JAN Sylvania 7308 - $45.00
(5) pack of JAN Sylvania 7308 pre-amp tubes from 1971. All are NOS/NIB. Tested on calibrated Hickok 539C and op checked for noise and microphonics in a working amp. Min transconductance is 7000 mmhos for this tester.Readings are supplied on the boxes, on st...

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