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NOS/NIB 12AU7's RCA, Amperex, CBS - $30.00
2 Pairs of NOS/NIB assorted brands of 12AU7A / 6189 / 5814 / 5963. 1 Pair “USED” 12AU7. Commercial and military boxes. Tested on a correctly calibrated Hickok 539C tester. Tested for microphonics in an amp. Tester readings on boxes. Prices posted are fo...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF (tm) Teflon Upgrade - $36.00
Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio Announces the VTAF Teflon Upgrade:The best place to check out Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio products is at our web site: (pronounced "vee-taff") is an acronym for Vertical Tracking Angle o...

Spendor Audio SA-1 - $1,450.00
These used Spendor SA-1's are in great shape (three very small cosmetic flaws, two of which on the bottom/bottom edge of one speaker - see pictures) in beautiful dark Wenge finish (about 3-4 years old). These retailed for $2,600/pair and where Spendors tak...

RCA 12AU7 Cleartop - $20.00
Used in my Hagerman Cornet until a few years ago. Still tested strong yesterday in my EICO 666 Transconductance tester. Both peg the meter at 140, both triodes.Add $5 shipping to CONUS....

Cardas Audio Golden Cross 24ft/7m - $1,875.00
Cardas Golden Cross is one of Cardas Audio's great classic cables. Yes, these are a bit warm/full, but they do a great job and presenting a palpable, wide and deep soundstage. This 24ft (7M) long RCA pair may have some scuff marks and the jacket and heat s...

Cardas Audio SE-9 3.0m - $495.00
This 3.0m Pair of Cardas SE-9 is brand new, never used (Cardas SE-9 speaker cable was discontinued by Cardas a couple years ago. It is a Golden ratio, concentric, asymmetrical, co-axial design.). Great single wire speaker cable than has a full smooth and clean...

DCS Scarlatti DAC - $11,995.00
DCS Scarlatti DAC in Excellent condition and sounds almost Godly!! This DAC is amazing and works wonderful with hard drive or transport based system. It is a joy to listen to and it is the best digital that I have ever heard! It has all the updated software an...

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