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MIT Shotgun ZIII - $275.00
An excellent power cord for the money. Works great on electronics and on subwoofers. Bass quality in particular is really good.By the way, I am not new to the Asylum. Just a new moniker. I used to be 'Ray-o-Stat' for over 15 years :-)...

Twisted Pair Designs All Copper RCA - $45.00
These were made exclusively for Twisted Pair Designs. All copper body & center pin locking RCA in four pack. Solder type only. 9mm back opening, Great sounding DIY connector. USPS shipping adds $7.25 No PayPal fee. Four of the packs available at this pri...

Counterpoint NP 220 Hybrid Tube - $2,295.00
Counterpoint NP 220 Hybrid Tube 420 Watt Stereo Amplifier I am the second owner. This amp is built like a tank but the performance and sound is like a Ferrari. If you have a speaker that is hard to drive this amp will do it all the way down to 2 ohms. Audioph...

MIT SL-Matrix 36i XLR - $1,300.00
These are amazing cables from MIT. After re-configuring my system, I no longer needed the 5M length, so they never got used. These are new in box. All packaging and warranty card still intact.These are MSRP $3500 cables. Will ship anywhere as long as intern...

Vintage Goodmans Axiom 22 MKII - $600.00
If you see this ad, they are still available. Please read the ad description.Made in England, one speakers's whizzer cone has a crack repair (it is stable) and the dust cover pushed in and 3 tiny tears in the paper, the other 1 tiny hole. 12" dia.,...

Oyaide C-279 - $55.00
New Oyaide 20 AMP IEC. Only 5 left at this price. Reasonable offers considered....

Lafayette LA310/KT310 tube amp with Amperex and Mullard - $550.00
Lafayette LA310/KT310 tube power amp in nice working condition. Serviced with can cap, input coupling caps, interstage caps and power supply caps have all been replaced, as has the rectifier. Power tubes are Amperex Bugle Boy EL84, untested, but sound good....

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