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Cable Research Lab MKII - $480.00
Two demo model MK2A Cable Research Lab power cords with Oyaide M1/F1 connectors. Lengths; 1- 1.5 meter, 1 - 1 meter. These cords were designed for power amps, but will work with front end equipment. Cable is approximately 7 AWG OCC copper with Al/Mylar ...

Bybee Quantum Force Chargers - $445.00
Let me be clear. This is not a product from some new company using Jack Bybee's name and maybe a bastardized version of his parts to sell IC filters.These are both very, very rare and extraordinary in sound quality. If you've seen them up for sale m...

Pairs/Quads - General Electric JAN 6550A - $300.00
Pairs and Quads of NOS/NIB JAN GE 6550A. Mid-1980's military production. Matched up by current draw on blueprinted burn-in rack at 477 vdc on the plates and a G1 of -50 volts. Pairs are $300. Quads are $610. Readings: 5% or less current draw of each oth...

Solid Tech Feet of Silence Set of 3 in Chrome - $300.00
Beautiful set of 3 in chrome. Extra O-rings for 5 to 15kg [11lbs to 33lbs]. Audio Advisor currently sells a set of four for $650.00.Excellent cosmetic condition overall. Chrome finish looks great with a few minor scuffs noticeable only upon close inspect...

Genelex KT-88 - $700.00
NOS matched pair of Genelex (Marked Mullard IEC) KT-88 power tubes. The orig boxes were not available when I received them, but the tubes have not been used other than on testers. Flashing is perfect with 3 total getters. Black plates with support rods. Tested...

Naim Nait 5i-2 - $650.00
Naim Nait 5i-2 integrated amplifier in good condition. Included is original box, manual, power cord and remote control. Please review my feedback both here and on Audiogon. Ships only to the contiguous 48 states. Buyer pays flat $40.00 for insured shipping....

Silent Source Silver Signature - $1,295.00
I have a 4 meter pair of Silent Source Silver Signature for sale. This model is discontinued now, but was Silent Source's top of the line before the release of The Music Reference. Sonically the Silver Signature is very close to The Music Reference. In fac...

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