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Shunyata Research Zitron Cobra - $650.00
I have five Shunyata Zitron power cords available. All cords come with the factory packaging. They are all 15 amp and 1.75 meters long. I also have 1 Zitron Python with the 20 amp end for my Triton that is also 1.75 meters long. ($1400) I will throw in shippin...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio Counterweight for the Common Man - $90.00
COUNTERWEIGHT FOR THE COMMON MAN (tm) Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio is now offering the CCM (Counterweight for the Common Man), a structural upgrade for Rega tone arms. We ship worldwide. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Contact us by email at peteriggle@...

Cryo-Parts Frugal tonearm cable - $159.00
Here at Cryo Parts/ Locus Design- “Frugal” is not a dirty word. I have spent many years making dozens of phono tonearm cables to try to find the best sound. Wires at all price points were used in my quest. I also tested several “ready-made” phono cables from t...

Voodoo 15 amp - $45.00
Perfect working condition. 15 amp to 15 amp. Fading logo as is common for these, hence the 7 rating. Please note the case for this says 15 amp to 20 amp. Just noticed this but I am pretty sure this is the case that came with it. Please check my other ad for a...

Silver Circle Time Wise - $325.00
Those that know Silver Circle are probably familiar with their Pure Power One power conditioner, owned and used by some very well respected audiophiles. Up for sale is my 1 meter Time Wise IC in excellent condition. Silver Circle does not make IC's anymore...

High Fidelity CT-1 U Speaker cable - $7,890.00
Up for sale is an EX-DEMO 2.5 meters High Fidelity CT-1 U (Ultimate) speaker cables in great condition. The cables have 200+ hrs of usage so you just need to plug-in this unsurpassed technology to your audio system for couple of days and you will be in audio n...

Legacy by Coda 432 - $650.00
Selling a Legacy power amplifier made by Coda for Legacy. It can be used as a four channel amp with 100 watts @ 8 ohms, or two channel with 400 watts at 8 ohms. It is a class A/AB amp with most listening levels in class A. Discrete FET differential input stage...

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