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Counterpoint NP 220 Hybrid Tube - $2,295.00
Counterpoint NP 220 Hybrid Tube 420 Watt Stereo Amplifier I am the second owner. This amp is built like a tank but the performance and sound is like a Ferrari. If you have a speaker that is hard to drive this amp will do it all the way down to 2 ohms. Audioph...

Portal Paladin - $1,100.00
Due to some recent health issues I need to sell some prized components. I'm the original owner of these amplifiers. Purchased from Portal in 2007.I've never owned a component longer. Through all the system changes these have remained constant. ...

VPI Player - $900.00
Original owner. Perfect condition. Has built-in phono stage. Box and manual included. Table retails for $1499 and cover for $279. Price is firm. Shipping and Paypal included. $100 discount if picked up in Louisville....

Lute CD's Many labels - $400.00
400 plus shipping..Some of these CD's are quite pricey, especially some Italian and the Astree CD's. Some are sealed.I must let go of some of my collection. All CD's are in excellent condition The link takes you do the media gallery....Lab...

If you are just thinking about getting into tube amplifiers here is a very sweet sounding vintage tube amp that has just been rebuilt. No need to go through the hassle of testing and rebuilding when this Grommes has already been refurbished for great sound and...

Oyaide C-279 - $55.00
New Oyaide 20 AMP IEC. Only 5 left at this price. Reasonable offers considered....

USA made vintage chokes HI INDUCTANCE, HI VOLTAGE, LOW DCR - $35.00
Make me an offer on any on the remaining 2 pairs of these inductors. I can also paint and lengthen the leads for a nominal cost. Cheers.I have 2 pairs of usa made vintage chokes that are all tested. If you need a high power fairly high inductance and fairly...

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