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JJ Electronics plus Gold Lion Vacuum Tubes - $60.00
I have 2X JJ ECC99/12BH7 Gold Pin Double Triode Preamp Vacuum Tubes new in box matched pairPlus 1X ECC82/12AU7 Gold Pinall three Cryoed by CryosetNew sealed unused-will post WW included for asking priceThank youDesW...

Ortofon Rondo Bronze - $450.00
Selling an Ortofon Rondo Bronze, I am the second owner and cartridge has 60 hours since being retipped by Andy at in Bellevue Washington. It has a micro-line stylus. He also checked suspension and it is in good condition. .5mv outpu...

Monster Cable M1000i - $95.00
--PRICE DROP--I am listing my spare 2 meter pair of Monster M1000i interconnects with RCA terminations. These are only a few months old and I am the original owner. These are very full and ri...

Various VT-52 triodes - $150.00
I have a few VT-52's left. All are in great shape and test as new(or better) on my Hickok 539A tester. National Union VT-52 triode tube - $150SYLVANIA VT52 triode tube - $160Rare TUNG-SOL Black Glass VT52 triode - $180I am happy to ship ove...

Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE - $349.00
Used but in great cosmetic and functional condition Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE MM/HOMC phono preamp with upgrade PSU1 power supply. Both power cables included. Stereophile and The Absolute Sound recommended phono preamp.Ship to continental U.S. only. PayPa...

KCS Custom Fostex F200A Speakers - PRICE REDUCED !!! - $1,250.00
PRICE REDUCED!!! - the current price is way lower than the cost of the drivers!!! I am selling a pair of KCS custom big bass reflex speakers with the Fostex F200A drivers and Hi-Vi RT2 ribbon tweeters. The rear ported cabinets were designed and built by J...

Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun - $300.00
Barely used, less than a year old, very good speaker cables, I noticed much detail improvement but my speakers tend to be a little twords the bright side. I found that silver is not good for this as they make the brightness even more so. I'm sticking with ...

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