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Classic Records (Classic Compact Discs) - $60.00
Very rare and highly sought after. Original owner, some sealed, rest NM (near mint).Please check completed listings on eBay (search Classic Records Gold). You'll see that, although expensive, my prices are generally below the average selling price.I ...

6DJ8 - 6922 Amperex - $65.00
(4) Various Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 and 6922 pre-amp tubes from the 1960's. All are NOS/NIB. Tested on calibrated Hickok 539C and op checked for noise and microphonics in a working amp. Min transconductance is 7750 mmhos for this tester.(2) ECC88/6DJ8 Ampere...

Various SACD - $20.00
Original owner, from my personal collection. All except the James Taylor have the outer slipcovers.I would rate these as near mint. Please inquire about individual titles and I will do my best to provide an accurate description and provide additional photos...

Valvet Single-Ended-A Stereo poweramplifier E2 - $1,800.00
Long-term audio pleasure.The Single-Ended-A Stereo poweramplifier E2 is built in pursuit of a goal that is common to all VALVET amplifiers: the transmission of music free from artefact or manipulation, music that stimulates the senses! A simple but well-tho...

Wavelength Audio Cosecant USB DAC - $1,950.00
WAVELENGTH AUDIO COSECANT USB DAC W/DENOMINATOR MODULE - USED - $1,950 FIRM PLUS SHIP.Terrific sounding USB DAC that uses a ECC86 tube driven via transformer output that has received high praise over the years. We use one of these Dacs as a reference unit ...

Crown 800 Series CX844 - $850.00
Very rare tape deck that was acquired from the original owner's estate. The transport seems to work well, play, rewind, fast forward and the solenoid switch lights work. All meter lights work, I got all four channels to playback and the meters deflect when...

Genelex KT-88 - $1,000.00
NOS matched pair of Genelex (Marked Mullard IEC) KT-88 power tubes. The orig boxes were not available when I received them, but the tubes have not been used other than on testers. Flashing is perfect with 3 total getters. Black plates with support rods. Tested...

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