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Mission 700 Series - $29.95
This pair of Mission 700-Series tweeters is working perfectly and look great. Diameter is 3.75".Shipping included.No fee foe PayPal.Thanks for looking.Dean....

Audio Aero Prestige Signature Edition - $5,450.00
We are selling this lightly used Audio Aero Prestige Signature Edition unit for a good customer of ours. The Prestige is not just a CD/SACD player, it contains a very high quality tube buffered preamplifier stage, multiple digital inputs (all 24/196 capable), ...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF For All SME Tonearm Models - $276.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR All SME TONEARMS: Check out the VTAF web site: click on . VTAF(tm), Patented, pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Unlike other VTAF products, The VTAF for SME arms is not for eve...

Allnic H-1200 - $520.00
Allnic H-1200 tube phono preamp• Size (WHD): 13 x 10 x 25.5 cm • Front panel switches for power for MC / MM inputs• +40dB gain in the nude MM section, MC gain is +71dB• Permalloy core step-up transformer (as opposed to an extra circuit--usua...

DCS Scarlatti DAC - $11,995.00
DCS Scarlatti DAC in Excellent condition and sounds almost Godly!! This DAC is amazing and works wonderful with hard drive or transport based system. It is a joy to listen to and it is the best digital that I have ever heard! It has all the updated software an...

Silverline Audio Prelude - $550.00
These are great speakers. I bought these from the original owner about 5 years ago. I have downsized and had to reduce the size of the sound room. Excellent condition and they sound great! This is the later, single rear port design. Includes: (2) speakers - (8...

Pete Riggle Audio VTAF for Rega Post Mount - $180.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR MANY TONEARM MODELS: Pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Patented. Check out the VTAF web site: VTAF(tm) TONE ARMS TO WHICH THE VTAF HAS BEEN ADAPTED:The VTAF can be adapted to m...

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