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VPI Traveler - $900.00
Original owner. Perfect condition. No cartridge. Ginkgo dustcover included. PayPal and shipping included at asking price. Table and dustcover will ship separately. Great table. I've upgraded to a VPI Prime....

Wyetech Opal - $2,750.00
Widely regarded as one of the best preamps ever made. The Solen cap upgrade as recommended by Wyetech, has been expertly performed by Soundsmith, per the past owner. The unit was inspected by the builder, Roger Hebert, seven months ago. The umbilical had ...

Jadis 274b - $199.00
This is a brand new spare pair never used except to check for good operation when first acquired. No charge for Paypal users....

Merlin Music Systems VSM-MXe - $3,250.00
MERLIN MUSIC SYSTEM VSM-MXe SPEAKERS - USED $3,250Terrific sounding used pair of Ruby Heart Red Merlin VSM-MXE speakers (with all accessories: Super BAM, Merlin Bi-wire jumpers, Merlin Z-feet, Merlin RC networks [set of 4], manual, alignment tool) for sale!...

Sennheiser HD595 - $85.00
Selling a near new Sennheiser HD595 over the ear headphones. Used maybe a dozen times, probably not even broken in. Original box and 1/8" adapter included. A little dust...$85Paypal no fees, free ground shippingThomas...

Electra Glide Reference Standard FatBoy - $150.00
ELECTRA GLIDE REFERENCE STANDARD "FATBOY" Signature 1.0m RCA Interconnects - USED - $150Pure silver ribbon RCA 1.m RCA interconnects in good condition from Electra Glide Audio. Age? I guess 15 years or so, but I can't be sure nor do we know wh...

Melodious Audio MX-U8 - $190.00
Melodious Audio MX-U8 USB converter will help the sound of most dacs. Use this converter to get AES, I2S, toslink or SPDIF. Used for a couple of months and now I have moved on to another. $190 Paypal and includes fees and shipping. CONT USA only....

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