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EconoTweaks D.I.Y. - $65.00
Here is the board only from the AS-1 filter. (Named the AS-1 for its designer Al Sekela) It is a passive parallel filter with four R-C-R circuits and a resistor/inductor string of four resistors and four inductors to ground. It uses WIMA MP-3 metalized paper s...

Pete Riggle Audio VTAF for Rega Post Mount - $180.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR MANY TONEARM MODELS: Pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Patented. Check out the VTAF web site: VTAF(tm) TONE ARMS TO WHICH THE VTAF HAS BEEN ADAPTED:The VTAF can be adapted to m...

Shure V15Vmr - $125.00
Shure V15Vmr in excellent working condition, sold as a body only, but a stylus is included that has suffered collapse and rides very close to the LP surface but is playable. A nice replacement stylus is available from JICO for this. Price is firm. Buyer to ...

HiDiamond Diamond 8 Speaker Cable -  1,200.00
Up for sale is a used 9/10 Mint condition speaker cable from HiDiamond. Cable is 3 meters long and received as a trade in for another cable. We have tested it, it is working perfectly, it has zero scratches, previous owner took great care of it.We accept P...

NOS/NIB 12AU7's RCA, Amperex, CBS - $30.00
2 Pairs of NOS/NIB assorted brands of 12AU7A / 6189 / 5814 / 5963. 1 Pair “USED” 12AU7. Commercial and military boxes. Tested on a correctly calibrated Hickok 539C tester. Tested for microphonics in an amp. Tester readings on boxes. Prices posted are fo...

Technics SP-25 table Fidelity Research FR-54 arm - $805.00
The rare but sought after Technics SP-25 Quartz Lock, Direct Drive turntable that has been cleaned and lubed, the bottom of the deck has been damped. It is mounted to a birch plywood/ MDF plinth with tiger striped 1/4 sawn oak wood veneer. The plinth has anti-...

Krell KSA 200S - $2,400.00
I have far too many amps; therefore I am parting with my Krell KSA 200S. I bought this unit from a local gentleman in 2011. Amp was used to drive my MG20s, a 4 ohm load with the greatest of ease. It also served duty pushing my Apogee Duettas signatures which I...

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