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Schitt Valhalla - $300.00
Giant killer headphone amp in perfect condition. An unused spare tube set is included. Original box and packing. Paypal and shipping included at asking price. Review attached....

Hagerman Euphonia - $600.00
This a prototype Hagerman phono preamp with adjustable gain, adjustable loading and provision for phono inputs. It is based on his highly rated Trumpet topology but is all solid state. Never put into production as Jim felt that the tubes did sound better. His ...

Pete Riggle Engineering and Audio VTAF - $276.00
VTAF(tm), VTA ADJUSTMENT ON THE FLY FOR All SME TONEARMS: Check out the VTAF web site: click on . VTAF(tm), Patented, pronounced "vee-taff," for VTA on the Fly. Unlike other VTAF products, The VTAF for SME arms is not for every...

Philips ECG 6550 NIB Quad - $420.00
Here is one matched quad made in the USA by Philips Holland after it acquired Sylvania. This is the wonderful Sylvania "welded-plate" said to be one of the best sounding 6550 tubes ever made, perhaps only second to the Tung Sol Blackplate 6550. These...

VPI HW-19 - $125.00
Shipping and PayPal included in listed price. No cracks or scratches other than any fine ones from cleaning. There is a bit of excess glue on the right side. Looks great and functions perfectly. No hinges....

NEI 2709 - $275.00
This is a professional grade RTA made by NEI Electronics.It is a rack-mount unit. It has a built-in Pink Noise source, and comes with a calibrated condenser microphone. (not shown). I added phantom power for the condenser mic years ago.These are useful f...

Teresonic Magus A55 with - $4,000.00
I have owned this pair of the Teresonic Magus A55s their bookshelf size speakers for the last four years. There are pictures as well as reviews of the Magus A55s by me on the Dagogo website. These are the best small monitor size speakers I have heard, when you...

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