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Tungsram NOS RCA NOS 6973 quads (used also available). Each quad

Price:  $200.00
Days/Views:  89 / 4417 (Posted 2019-03-29)
Condition: 10/10 New
Accessories: Original box
Seller:  v_deakin   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

For sale are all of my 6973 tubes accumulated for the 6973 Ampex monoblocks. Most are NOS, except two sets of four of used OS (in very good shape) and one unlabeled tube in the 'Eclectic Set' of 4 NOS tubes that looks and sounds new, obviously made by RCA, but I do not remember its provenance, and it's discounted. A minimal configuration for purchase is 4 tubes, unless somebody wants 5 or 6, in which case the eclectic set is going to be broken. All set were tested in the Ampex monoblocks using the same music and performed beautifully. The sets are: 1) 4 Tungsram short bottle NOS in short boxes in a sleeve of 4 - $200; 2) 4 Tungsram short bottle NOS in long boxes in a sleeve of 4 - $200; 3) 4 Tungsram long bottle NOS in long boxes in a sleeve of 4 - $200; (A note on the Tungsrams - all the short ones are labeled 'Tungsram', all the long bottle ones are not labeled and look like made by RCA ). 4) 3 RCA NOS and 1 GE NOS (looks like made by RCA) in original boxes - $200; 5) The eclectic set: 2 Tungsram short bottle NOS in long boxes, 1 GE NOS (RCA look alike) in original box, 1 of unknown provenance RCA look alike - $175; (If somebody wants to augment the first 4 NOS sets with a GE or a Tungsram or 2, it's $50 per extra tube). 6) 4 used OS with high test scores by previous seller - sounded like new sets - $120; (Not sure now what tester was used). 7) 4 used OS in great shape - sounded like 85% of the new sets - $100;

It seems that all long bottle tubes (sets 3 through 7) are made by RCA. Besides looking identical, they sound identical. How do the short bottle Tungsrams differ in sound from the RCA makes? While both sound glorious, I'd say that the short Tungsrams sound a bit more vivid, while the RCA's sound a bit more delicate. My Ampex monoblocks were used lately and are offered for sale with short Tungsrams. I was surprised to have learned of Tungsram's 6973s. I only saw them twice - the first time I took a chance, the second - I snatched them. The photos: #1 - first two sets of short Tungsrams; #2 - set 3); #3 - set 4); #4 - The Eclectic set 5); #5 - set 6); #6 - set 7). If using Paypal, payment should include 3% unless it's from PP balance.

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Seller:  v_deakin   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Audiophile
Asylum Feedback:  5.0/5.0
Location:  Chicago, Evanston, United States
Registered on:  2003-10-07
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