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Topaz Ultra Line Noise Isolator Transformer 91005-31 5kva 0.0005pf 120/240V AS NEW

Price:  $749.00
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Seller:  budburma   (Contact Seller)
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This the top of the audio line conditioning application Topaz 5000 VA Ultra Line Noise Suppressing Isolation Transformer. It's very difficult to impossible to find, especially with the 0.0005pf (1 trillionith of a farad capacitance!) AND in this as new condition. I have a copy of the manual, too.

I believe this is new old stock, but bought it years ago and can't recall if it was barely used or unused - I also have a 2.5kva that's in it's original packing and brand new.

HUGE amount of headroom and noise suppression with ultra clean power. Greater than 146 dB (attenuation) throughout the audible spectrum, up to 20kHz, equates to a 20,000,000-to-1 reduction of common-mode noise. They also provide 65 dB (1780:1) reduction of normal-mode noise.

I use an Elgar (brand) with the same specs where I live in a small village of 1000 at the end of the grid with incredibly dirty, inconsistent power. It’s a sonically beautiful almost magical thing to have such improved dynamics and inky black background from the ultra clean, steady and rock solid power by having the Elgar inline on a 30A dedicated line.

This Topaz Model no. 91005-31 Ultra Isolation Transformer is rated at 5000 VA, 50/60 Hz, 240/120 Volt Small footprint (approx. 8 x 8 x 15 in.) and Exclusive shielding UL and cUL listed & meets UL544 requirements Reduces common mode and normal mode noise Large opposing toroidal windings Saves valuable space. Protects sensitive loads from surges and spikes and prevents back feeding of noise from load to line Low leakage current (full safe) allows use of products in hospitals and medical labs

Input voltage 120/240 Output voltage 120/240 Common-mode noise 146dB @ 100kHz Normal-mode noise 65dB @ 100kHz Overload capacity 600% for 1 cycle 300% for 30 seconds Dielectric strength 5,000 VAC minimum Frequency 47 - 400Hz for 50/60Hz model Impedance 3 - 5% typical Efficiency 95% typical

Wt. approx 100 lbs We'll have to work out shipping. Pick up encouraged. Happy to drive half way to meed for a cash deal - up to a couple hours.

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Ship Weight: 110 lbs.
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Shipping Notes: We'll have to work out shipping. Happy to drive half way to deliver - up to two hours or so.

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Seller:  budburma   (Contact Seller)
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