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SOLD - $ 2000.00

Harman Kardon Citation II Premium Rebuild/Restoration

Price:  $2,250.00
Days/Views:  362 / 1376 (Posted 2017-10-23)
Condition: 9/10 Excellent/Like New
More Info at: Masterpiece Citation II - Modifications AudioKarma Thread
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Amplifier: Fully Restored Premium Rebuilt 'Masterpiece' Harman Kardon Citation II $2250.00 - [Premium Tube Option - Add $800.00]

Sought-after Harman Kardon Citation II, designed by Stu Hegeman, delivers wide bandwidth, high power and fantastic imaging. 60 Watts per channel. 6 premium vintage American 12BY7 tubes in the driver positions, and a set of new Electro Harmonix KT-88 output tubes.

This unit is a complete, premium rebuild from a Citation II chassis and transformers. Every other component & all wiring is new and of the highest quality. Sports custom Zebrawood faceplate and rigid perforated aluminum bottom cover.

Rebuild Features: -Custom point-to-point turret boards to accommodate premium components

-Silver internal wiring, Cardas silver solder used throughout

-High-end passive components – Caddock, Takman, Mundorf, etc.

-High capacity, channel-isolated power supplies

-Jim McShane toroidal bias supply transformer and rectifier

-New ceramic gold-plated tube sockets

-Cardas input jacks & five way binding posts

-IEC power socket

-Top panel Bias & AC Balance measuring jacks

-Zebrawood front panel with a blue LED indicating high voltage supply is active

-Custom high strength perforated aluminum bottom panel for high cooling airflow

-Original faceplate/bottom plate included. Swapping faceplates from custom is easy.

Design changes/modifications: The power supply is split to follow the channels for lower distortion and extra power reserve when one channel is stressed. Unlike the original design, the chassis is not used as ground. The cross-chassis silver wire ground bus terminates to the input RCA shields for greatest noise rejection.

Tubes Included: Six premium vintage American 12BY7 tubes in the driver positions, Four new Electro Harmonix KT-88 output tubes biased at 75mA in the output positions. Option – Add second set of vintage British Genalex KT-88 output tubes (+ $800.00) (These tubes provide the kind of 3D image where you find yourself immersed in the music)

Thoroughly tested, this amp is healthy and runs within specifications. It has the characteristic wideband extended sound signature of the HK Citation II with deep tight bass, beautiful extended highs and a well-articulated, neutral midrange for realistic 3D imaging.

Initial state and modifications detailed in this thread:

All restoration work done by skilled audio enthusiasts who have over 20 years restoring collectable vintage tube equipment at the highest level. They are active in and I can provide feedback on their other projects.

Payment and Shipping
Ship Weight: 80 lbs.
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: (none specified) / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: Delivery within 100 miles of the Boston Area -- No Shipping

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Seller:  sjg   (Contact Seller)
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