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Eico HF89 75wpc KT88/85wpc KT150 ...price drop

Price:  $6,800.00
Original Price: $20,000.00
Days/Views:  300 / 4277 (Posted 2017-12-24)
Condition: 10/10 New
Seller:  Jallen   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

For sale a brand new tube amplifier made by a Master tube amplifier builder. This is perhaps his last one as the retired life leaves little time for this kind of work. His work has been working in the recording studio arena building custom parts like line amps, limiters, mic preamps, etc. He has worked for several Grammy winning engineers. About the amp, engineered to have little color or sonic print, and used for studio playback. If you want accuracy, this it. I own one, but that is not the one for sale. Circuit is a push pull-triode, ultralinear circuit based on Mcintosh, Dynaco, and Eico circuits. XLR only inputs, low mass silver Switchcrafts. Cardas Silver Rhodium binding posts, Elco military ceramic sockets, the best, 100.00 each X5, VCaps, CuTF, all military parts, and silver/teflon wire, point to point wire. Each amp is tuned, and parts selected for lowest distortion. Power and output transformers are hand wired, with impeccable craftsmanship. The craftsmanship is one where you will not find silicocne blobs holding caps down, instead, standoffs, rings, exact fits of parts, all stainless steel crews tapped, no sheetmetal screws, the real deal. All Cardas silver solder used internally.. How good is the amp? Several friends also have one and they are driving TAD Reference, Wilson Sophia II, JBL 1400 Synthesis Array, Franco Serblins, and more. They have tight, potent full bass, and are extended beyond tweeter capacity. So just how good is it. The amp is as good as any amp I have heard at any price. Two friends have other amps at 30k and 50k...they prefer this one. Parts for the amp is near 7,500.00. This is a wholesale price. If in the Bay Area, you can hear it. A dealer friend borrowed it and had a well known reviewer hear it. His comments were that it was the best he had ever heard......styled after early vintage Quicksilvers. If you have speakers of 89 dB or higher, this is the last amp you will ever need. If you like accuracy, huge stage, and solid driving bass, yes tubes can do that if good transformers and circuit are employed, this is the one. Comes with EH kt88, or KT150's, matched at Upscale Audio, the best, GE 6SN7, and Bugle Boy 12AX7. A true masterpiece. No rats nest wiring, a real master crafted amp. Listen to what an all out assault on the "perfect amp' sounds like. We compared 4 different coupling caps, all dramatically different, is that revealing. Specs...  70wpc at 30Hz, no square wave alteration from 5 Hz to 50KHz, flat from 10Hz to 80khz, +/- zero, then a gentle 3dB roll off to 100khz. Distortion at 1khz, 1 watt, 0.08%THD, minimal feed back used for circuit stability. This is the real deal. This may be his last, or he may build 2-3 more, then that is it, no more ever. I have heard this amplifier with VCAP TnTF, CuTF, and silver caps, all sounding distinctly different. The amp is so transparent, all changes are heard. I will offer a 30 Day return policy if you pay round trip shipping, and it is returned mint, as you receive it. Compare it with anything at any price on 88 dB speakers and up. It is quiet enough for 100 dB speakers and is in Class A for 10 watts. A Reference. Ships from CA.

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check
Ship Weight: 100 lbs.
Ships From: 94526 (Danville, CA)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: FedEx / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

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Seller:  Jallen   (Contact Seller)
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