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Accessories: Original box, manual
More Info at: Cary 805AE
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CARY CAD-805AE Single Ended Triode Amplifiers. One pair. Consecutive serial numbers. Black faceplates. Original owner. Purchased new from factory on January 11, 2017.

These are superb, multi-award winning amplifiers. They have demonstrated 100% reliability, with no noise or other issues.

Everyone, at least once in their lives, should be lucky enough to live with and enjoy the pure musical bliss that Single-Ended Triode amplifiers readily deliver. SET is instantly addictive. And the best part is that it never gets old!

A few specs:
Power: 50 Watts
Sensitivity: 1 Volt
Size (each chassis): 8.5″ H x 12.25″ W x 24 ” D
Weight (each chassis): 80 pounds
Warm up time: 5 minutes

From the Cary Web site:
Single-end triode (SET) tube amplifiers have long been considered the Holy Grail of music reproduction systems, operating in the purest form of class-A power output. Cary Audio began in 1989 by producing a SET monoblock amplifier as its first product, and today the CAD-805AE proudly carries on that tradition. Using just one tube to handle the entire musical signal typically does not allow for more than a few watts of output power, but the CAD-805AE, with its massive power supply, is able to produce over 50 watts.

Cary Audio always hand-builds their tube products and carefully matches the tubes. In the case of the CAD-805AE monoblocks, this even extends to giving you two very different types of output tubes as standard. These two tubes have a quite different sonic character from each other, and by giving you both you can fine tune your system to best match your musical taste, your speakers, and your room’s acoustic signature. A pair of these monoblocks represent the pinnacle of today’s tube design capability, and will make your system sing as never before. If you want the very best and most accurate musical response in your home, audition the CAD-805AE.

Tubes included:
(2) Shuguang 211 (stock tubes)
(2) Chinese gold base 845 (stock tubes)
(2) Genelex Gold Lion 300B (stock tubes), the best current production 300B
(4) Electro Harmonix 6SN7 (stock tubes)

Tubes available for an additional $500 ($1020 value) Approx use 300 hours.
(2) PSVANE WE211, matched pair ($720 value)
(2) RCA 6SN7, NOS 1950s, matched pair ($150 value)
(2) TungSol 6SN7, NOS 1950s, matched pair ($150 value)

Amplifiers will ship freight in original wood crates, on pallet, to street address. Other arrangements upon request. PayPal adds 3%.

They are new this year, showroom condition, original owner, broken in, winner of many awards including one of the most significant audio products ever made, with all associated materials, so the asking price looks a lot like a very good deal.

Please ask any questions and I will be happy to work with you. Jerry 303-690-9058

Thanks for looking!

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Paypal, Money Order/Certified Check
Ship Weight: 230 lbs.
Ships From: 80015 (Aurora, CO)
Ships To: WorldWide
Shippers/Payer: FedEx / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: Ship freight by FedEx or other carrier

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Seller:  JerryS   (Contact Seller)
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