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SOLD - $ 10000.00

Atma-Sphere Novacron mono-blocks

Price:  $10,500.00
Original Price: $22,200.00
Days/Views:  346 / 977 (Posted 2017-11-08)
Condition: 8/10 Very Good
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Sale pending as of 11-8-17 Amps are back from the Atma-Sphere factory after being fully inspected and verified working as when they first left the factory just several years back! Arrived and will keep them sealed and send off to their new owner. Also will throw-in 8 NOS 6C33C tubes so you will have many, many years of worry free music. Parts Connection sells them at $120 a piece! ($960 value)

Here we have a beautiful, young example of Atma-Sphere’s limited production Novacron monoblocks, perhaps the finest-sounding (and best looking) OTL amplifier in – well, ever! If you’re familiar with such popular Atma-Sphere amps as the M-60 or the MA-1, the Novacron’s sound is, frankly, a VERY substantial upgrade. The Novacron has a robust bottom end and a sweet, yet smooth, midrange. It has a very relaxed sound and an easy presentation.

The original Novacron OTL design from the 1990s won wide acclaim for both sonics and looks, but quickly disappeared after just a few dozen were made. So Atma-Sphere recently reimagined the amplifier, while preserving its stunning good looks, and released it in 2014 as the Mk. 3.2. The new amp looks mostly the same on the outside -- but is completely rebuilt on the inside!

The new Novacrons are completely hand-wired, with new power supplies, new driver circuit, new output section, Teflon sockets, V-Cap copper foil Teflon coupling capacitors, new wire, Teflon power tube sockets, etc., etc. The new Novacron is smoother and quieter, and its has far more authority, than the original. I’m selling this pair for a very good customer, this is a one owner amp and as of 5/17/17 is being shipped back from Atma-Sphere after being fully checked over with new tubes.. These amps have a beautiful mirror finish but because of this you can see some “swirls” in the finish so we are rating the amps conservatively as 8/10.

The tube complement for the Novacron monoblocks consists of four (4) 6C33C output tubes, and four (4) 6SN7 driver tubes, per channel. Both tube types (output and driver) are very readily available, and reasonably priced, if ever needed. I have a small stash of the 6C33C tubes as well.

Technical specs for the Novacrons include: • Balanced Differential Design® • Class-A operation • Patented Circlotronic® direct-coupled (OTL) output stage • Dual-mono chassis construction • Copper foil V-Cap coupling caps • Teflon output tube sockets • Simple manual bias system • Built in meter for monitoring tubes • Easily monostrapped for greatly increased power • Uses only one gain stage for supreme clarity of sound • Proprietary precision components used throughout • Low-noise "star" grounding topology • Fully hand-wired point-to-point electronics - no circuit boards! • Stable with all input and load conditions

The physical dimensions of these beauties are 16" deep x 16" wide x 6" tall, and they weigh 54 pounds each (without tubes).

If you wanted to buy a new pair of Novacrons, you’d pay $22,000, and you’d wait about 6 months until a pair could be manufactured.

The asking price is very fair, and I will consider all reasonable offers as well. Please no PayPal either a Bank Check or wire would be acceptable. Any questions, just ask.

Many thanks for looking!

Payment and Shipping
Pay By: Personal Check after it clears, Money Order/Certified Check
Ship Weight: 100 lbs.
Ships From: 03062 (Nashua, NH)
Ships To: USA and Canada
Shippers/Payer: UPS / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: 4 total boxes.

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