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stereo manuals / brochures various

Price:  $10.00
Days/Views:  51 / 94 (Posted 2024-06-03)
Condition: 5/10 Fair
Seller:  JOThompson   (Contact Seller)
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Feedback:  5.0/5.0

I have the following manuals / brochures for sale, starting at $10, plus shipping. All used and worn but in decent condition. These are things I have accumulated through out my indulgence in the hobby. Maybe you can use them? Buyer pays all fees

Belles 150A Manual Harmon Cardon brochure Twenty - one Preamplifier Twenty - three Tuner Twenty - two Amplifier Twenty - four Amplifier McIntosh brochure Covers the McIntosh line up in general (C 27 / MR 78 / MC2205 / C32 / MAC 4100 McIntosh brochure Mac 1700 Receiver McIntosh brochure/ manual MC 2300 Amplifier (2 different brochures and manual) McIntosh brochure MC 2120 / MC 2200 McIntosh brochure CR-7 Remote CR-8 Remote McIntosh price sheet from 1982 photocopy McIntosh brochure C 28 Preamplifier McIntosh brochure MC 2300 test results McIntosh brochure 78 tuner McIntosh brochure C 34V Preamplifier NAD 2600A manual

Grado brochure Signature / Prestige line up Luxman manual C-12 Preamplifier Dynakit assembly manual SCA-35 Preamplifier Dynakit assembly manual FM-1 Tuner Dynaco manual FM-5 Tuner Dynaco manual PAT-4 Preamplifier Dynaco manual Stereo 120 Amplifier Energy schematic incorporating Morel tweeter Fosgate RF2000 amp Fosgate Punch car amps Hafler manual brochure DH-110 Preamplifier (2 copies manual / one brochure) Hafler brochure 330 Tuner Hafler brochure 160 Equalizer Hafler manual photocopy DH200 amplifier NHT SA-3 manual photocopy NHT Guide to placing the 3.3s Photocopy NHT guide to bi-amping NHT speakers Pioneer manual/Schematic SX-990 Receiver Pioneer manual (torn) SA-7800 Pioneer Manual SX1080 Pioneer Manual SX 880 Spica brochure TC-50 Speakers Spica brochure Angelus Speakers Sansui Manual SD-7000 reel to reel including hardback quick instructions Sansui brochure High performance Accessories I acquired this used in 1984 JBL brochure JBL line for 1996 Fosgate photocopy manual RF2000 Marantz service manual 2325 Miracord Manual Miracord 45 Moscode Brochure Understanding tube electronics (2) Moscode Manual 300 / 600 photocopy Energy felt diffraction felt tweeter covers (3) $20 each Kindle article PLS-A Power Wedge manual All models

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Pay By: Paypal
Ship Weight: 1 lbs.
Ships From: 85206 (Mesa, AZ)
Ships To: USA Only
Shippers/Payer: Postal / Paid by: Buyer
Shipping Notes: (none)

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Seller:  JOThompson   (Contact Seller)
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Membership:  Audiophile
Asylum Feedback:  5.0/5.0
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Location:  Phx, United States
Registered on:  2003-12-24
Posts:  28

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