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Atmasphere MA1 MK II - $4,400.00
Good working condition, not overly used. I have extra tubes that will go with the amps. I used them to drive the A1s on occasions, but they just did not have the juice to do it well. They drove the Vandersteens incredibly well. I would guess that these wo...

Altec Lansing 511B - $100.00
I have two Altec Lansing 511B horns for sale.These are cast Aluminum 500Hz horns with a 1" throat and 2-bolt driver mounting. It is possible to drill these for a three-bolt JBL driver.These have been used with a mobile sound system, and have various...

P.S. Audio Trio C-100 - $499.00
Excellent P.S. Audio Class D (ICE Power) Integrated amplifier. 100 wpc at 8 Ohms, 200 wpc at 4 Ohms. 3 line level inputs. Aux out for driving second amplifier.. Remote control of volume, muting and input selection.This amplifier has been in and out of ...

6DJ8 - 6922 Amperex - $65.00
(4) Various Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 and 6922 pre-amp tubes from the 1960's. All are NOS/NIB. Tested on calibrated Hickok 539C and op checked for noise and microphonics in a working amp. Min transconductance is 7750 mmhos for this tester.(2) ECC88/6DJ8 Ampere...

Cardas Audio Golden Reference 1.0m RCA - $499.00
Cardas Audio Golden Reference 1.0m RCA Interconnects with new Cardas Factory terminations - $499 FIRM PER PAIR plus shipping (several pairs available).One of Cardas's long time great interconnects. Wonderful smooth clear sound with terrific soundstage a...

Cardas Audio Golden Presence 2.5m - $850.00
CARDAS AUDIO GOLDEN PRESENCE 2.5M SINGLE WIRE SPEAKER CABLES - USED - $850This five year old pair of Cardas Golden Presence speaker cables are in excellent conduction (one owner trade-in), complete with all Cardas packaging/documentation (see pics). Golden...

Classic Records (Classic Compact Discs) - $60.00
Very rare and highly sought after. Original owner, some sealed, rest NM (near mint).Please check completed listings on eBay (search Classic Records Gold). You'll see that, although expensive, my prices are generally below the average selling price.I ...

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